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Wednesday 14/07/2021 |

Kia Times Square takeover

Kia Times Square

Automaker Kia supercharged the launch of its all-electric EV6 crossover vehicle with a nighttime unveiling to attendees in New York City’s famous Times Square. The EV6 marks the US debut of Kia’s Plan S strategy to roll out 11 new electric models in the next five years.
In this case study you will see how Chicago-based live experience company Centerstage Global, together with Event Producers Gail & Rice, used the Disguise Designer software to help Kia light up six city blocks in Manhattan with its “Charge the City” vision of an electrified future.


video files rendered


LED video screens in Times Square

city blocks surface covered by LED content


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The challenge

One of the main requirements was the need to create a flow of content between and over the various buildings’ LED displays. Understanding that physical spacing in relationship to how the creative direction was going to be achieved was a big task for the team. And the only way to do that was in an actual 3D model in the Disguise Designer software.


The solution

Once on site and viewing the size and scope of the various screen surfaces, Fujimura knew that creating a 3D model in Designer was the best solution. The producers at Gail & Rice agreed: “They said ‘the only way we can do this is to pre-vis, and the only way to pre-vis is in Disguise’,” he recalls.

What made Disguise such an essential part of this process was that it’s such a great tool to visually communicate with. It was really [our common language]. Kia’s senior management was in Southern California and in Korea, and with such a diverse and global group, working visually was the only way to convey our ideas.
Troy Fujimura

Head of Design and Production, Centerstage

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Producer: Gail & Rice
Executive Producer: Kathleen Doroan
Content Management: Jonathan Moore and Janae Ely
Content Creation: Fivestone Studios
Project Lead: Traylor Woodall
Technical Production: Centerstage Global
Screens Technical Production: Troy Fujimura
Technical Director: Bruce Holland
Lighting Design: John Miller