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Delivering Dazzling Projections at the 43rd ASEAN Summit Gala Dinner

Hero_43rd ASEAN Summit

At the heart of Jakarta, the Plataran City Forest of Senayan transformed into a spectacular canvas of light and culture during the Gala Dinner of the 43rd ASEAN Summit in September 2023. Indonesia entertained its guests of notable world leaders with a breathtaking projection show onto five surfaces across four different buildings - all powered by Disguise 4x4pro servers and Designer. 

Working to tight timeframes and difficult projector positions. 

With only three weeks from project confirmation to rehearsal and with the projectors located in less than optimal positions, Argo Visual had to develop some innovative solutions. 

Luckily, their meticulous focus on technical precision meant they were successfully able to calculate the optimal contrast ratio and projector resolution and achieve the desired luminosity and clarity.

Disguise also offered them the unique ability to simulate the projection "sets" in advance, closely resembling the actual event settings. This previsualization, complete with 3D and scale-based simulations, along with the auto-blending feature for projectors, was a game-changer and enabled the team to overcome the initial challenge of the projector positioning. 

Using the Disguise’s 4x4pro servers, combined with the versatility of Disguise software, Argo Visual could significantly reduce setup time, for a more efficient workflow.

Although we installed the projectors in a less-than-ideal position, Disguise helped us save time while setting up which allowed us to deliver the project successfully.
Alvin Antono

Director, Argo Visual

Enabling a successful outcome

The impact of the project went beyond the night of the gala dinner, garnering significant post-show exposure and sparking interest from Argo Visual’s clients who had a subsequent projection project in mind. 

Argo Visual's projection project at the 43rd ASEAN Summit Gala Dinner stands as a testament to the power of technology in enhancing cultural showcases. It highlights not only the technical capabilities of Argo Visual and Disguise but also the limitless potential of creative vision combined with cutting-edge tech.

Argo Visual Director: Alvin Antono
System Manager: Yakobus Joko Susilo
Technical Manager: Darmawan Eko Hariyanto
Head Technician: Abdul Haris Munandar