New Designer Sample Projects Tailor-made for a Variety of Industries

Designer Blueprints

We have introduced a range of Designer Sample Projects available via Disguise Cloud and designed to aid users in the delivery of next-generation visual experiences. With dedicated samples for live events, theatre shows, virtual productions, brand experiences, immersive installations and broadcast studios, these projects reduce the learning curve and set-up time involved in next-generation projects. 

“For newcomers to Disguise Designer, creating a new project from scratch can sometimes be intimidating. These sample projects allow beginners to get to grips with the software much quicker, while experts can discover best practices tailor-made for their industry and projects,” says Disguise CXO Alex Wills. 

Designer templates

The following sample projects are now available:
  • The "Concert" sample is for use for live events and for brand experiences. It features a theatrical three-screen setup, which includes an auditorium venue prop, a main 16x9 LED, and two side 9x16 LEDs, enhanced with live input capabilities, cameras, content slides in diverse aspect ratios, and advanced lighting systems.
  • The "XR Cube" provides an exceptional LED cube or “L” wall and floor stage, supporting mixed reality settings, RenderStream with Unreal Engine, DMX lighting, and camera switching functionality. This is aimed at those involved in commercial studios, broadcasting, or education. 
  • The "Virtual Production" sample offers a unique curved screen with an LED ceiling for industries such as film, TV, and corporate communications, incorporating 360 video capabilities, 24 fps camera setups, and large canvas resolutions for more dynamic visual presentations.
  • The "Theatre" sample includes a dual-screen setup with projector support and advanced control systems, designed to enhance live performances through automated scene transitions.
  • The "Corporate" sample simplifies the presentation process with a main screen flanked by two side screens, featuring robust failover capabilities and the ability to generate internal text and effects. This is ideal for companies wanting to virtually connect with a global audience.
  • The "LBX" sample caters to art installations and themed environments, offering a 360-degree immersive room with sophisticated projection mapping and audio output capabilities, ideal for museums and theme parks.

The launch of these sample projects signifies our commitment to providing tailored solutions that enhance creative possibilities. Users can access them through Disguise Cloud, first selecting “Designer” and then navigating to “Designer Sample Projects”.

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