Monday 17/06/2024 |

Disguise and MELS’s Cutting-Edge Virtual Production Course Lands In Montreal

Disguise and MELS open VP Accelerator in Montreal

Disguise is partnering with MELS to launch a new Virtual Production Accelerator course just minutes from downtown Montreal. Trainees will get hands-on experience with real film production on a fully equipped virtual production stage.

Anyone attending the Accelerator will get to capture scenes on a state-of-the-art virtual production stage in MELS’s film production campus. They’ll take full advantage of its 10,000-square-foot volume, 65-foot concave LED wall and fully motorized lighting ceiling.

“Montreal has become a global hub for VFX and animation, offering attractive fiscal incentives for filmmaking. It’s the perfect place to embrace virtual production,” says Addy Ghani, Vice President of Virtual Production at Disguise.

With our Montreal Accelerator, we’re advancing career opportunities for local media professionals and equipping the next generation of creators with a futureproof skillset.
Addy Ghani

VP of Virtual Production

The Montreal Accelerator follows Disguise’s hugely successful programs in Los Angeles, New York, Barcelona and London. The course will unfold across three distinct phases:

  • The Disguise Learn Phase — Trainees learn the fundamentals of real-time production in Unreal Engine and Disguise through a series of in-depth online tutorials.
  • The Classroom Phase — An instructor takes trainees through more advanced virtual production concepts in a classroom setting.
  • The Practical Phase — Trainees take part in a pre-planned film shoot on MELS’s cutting-edge virtual production stage over three days.
MELS VP Accelerator

When they complete the course, trainees will have practical experience in multiple roles, from Disguise operations and game engine integration to practical lighting and cinematography. They’ll be armed with the skills needed to succeed in the exciting world of LED production.

“Hosting the VPA for the first time in Canada, we at MELS, are happy to collaborate with Disguise and provide the opportunity for trainees to discover innovative filmmaking techniques using cutting-edge technologies and to live the experience of being in Montreal for a few days,” says Simon Zaurrini, Producer at MELS Virtual Production.

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