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Disguise drives visuals on Indonesia’s famous Monas monument


Indonesia celebrates its national days and holidays with exciting projection mapping shows on the obelisk-shaped National Monument (known as Monas). During last year’s Monas Week, which annually marks the country’s struggle for independence, V2 Indonesia displayed unique and powerful visuals on the monument.  Driven by the Disguise platform including VX I and VX 2 media servers, an RX II render engine server and the OmniCal camera-based projector calibration system, the visuals told the powerful story of Indonesia’s rich history.

Quick turnarounds and a complex projection surface

Each digital mapping project had a turnaround time of around one week, including all preparation for the setup.  As newcomers to the project, V2 Indonesia faced a number of challenges, starting with the shape of the monument.  Using a 3D .obj file of the obelisk and working with the content and projection teams, they dealt with issues of structure size and shape and projector quantity and resolution to ensure that the projectors could be calibrated with Disguise’s OmniCal projector calibration system. 

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It's an honour to be able to join this project featuring the national monument of the Republic of Indonesia. By using Disguise we can cut the time for setup while enjoying very good colour reproduction and easily creating a sequence on disguise Manager so we can switch and edit the content as needed.
Muhammad Fachrozzi Gustomi

Disguise Product Trainer



Replicating the success of Monas Week moving forward

Through excellent communication with Disguise’s support team, V2 Indonesia was able to achieve a successful outcome for Monas Week and establish a Disguise workflow they could use monthly for many more holiday celebrations down the line.  With a busy schedule of back-to-back events for projection mapping, V2 Indonesia is now able to save significant setup time and gain fast projector calibration with OmniCal.

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