Thursday 25/04/2024 |

Disguise releases the latest version of Porta, our all-in-one broadcast platform to control Unreal Engine graphics

Disguise Porta interface

Disguise releases Porta 2.3, the latest update to its graphics control platform, trusted by broadcasters such as Televisa, TUDN and DAZN; with full compatibility for Unreal Engine 5.4 and its dedicated Avalanche toolset. 

With Porta 2.3, users can manage their AR, XR and virtual production show graphics more easily than ever before. Thanks to its compatibility with Unreal Engine’s Avalanche toolset, Porta 2.3 enables both broadcasters and live events professionals to access the latest 3D motion graphics and 2D layer design tools. Whether it’s for animating text, applying effects, using transitions or more—users can create on-air compatible graphics directly in Unreal Engine 5.4—then control, visualise, schedule and edit their work directly from Porta’s simple-to-use interface.


With the latest version of Porta, anyone involved in media production can make the shift to a Disguise workflow with absolute confidence that it’ll support them on their journey to new and exciting visuals. Porta 2.3 has been specifically designed to help take our users’ storytelling to new heights.
Grigory Mindlin

General Manager for Broadcast, Disguise

What’s more, Porta is no longer a purely cloud-based platform. Porta 2.3 is available to run offline for an even more flexible workflow. Depending on their preferences, users can now easily manage, search, and tag on-premise media assets for both online and offline use.

Watch our Porta 2.3 demo
Porta 2.3

Additional benefits for customers include:

Easy Updates - Future-proof your workflow with full Unreal Engine compatibility, so you’ll instantaneously get the latest tools without manual integration.

Deeper Disguise Integration - Manage media across all Disguise servers with automatic media clean-up to improve your workflow.

Improved UI - Enjoy an enhanced and streamlined experience - allowing you to do more in fewer clicks.

Creative Support - Disguise’s Meptik creative services team can help from concept design all the way through to final delivery, so you can focus on telling your story.

Porta 2.3 is a SaaS subscription, providing simple access and unlimited scalability.