Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality (MR) is a next-generation process for film, broadcast and live event production. MR combines camera tracking and real-time rendering to create an immersive virtual environment, visible live on set and shot directly in camera.

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Immersive production

Using high resolution LED screens or projection surfaces in the space, MR allows actors to be immersed in a virtual environment. Camera tracking technology enables the content on these screens to be generated in real-time, rendered from the point of view of the camera.

MR Engaging Programming
MR Immersive Production

Engaging programming

MR is all about creating engaging programming, with no need for confidence monitors, no awkward eye lines or unrealistic lighting. Guests and interview subjects feel at home within the space, giving directors the opportunity to capture raw emotion.

More natural lighting

The use of video displays in the space helps to overcome some of the challenges of green screen workflows. Lighting feels more natural, including skin tones, reflections and transparent objects. There is no need for colour keying, so costumes, lighting and set design can be as vibrant as you wish, without the need to avoid reference colours.

MR Virtual Environments
MR More Natural Lighting

Virtual environments

The screens within the space only need to be as large as the performance area; virtual set extension places the actors in virtual environments that are much larger than the available studio environment.

We’re proud to be part of a worldwide family of talented artists and technologists, who come together to create some of the most spectacular experiences around.

We’ve worked closely with a group of partners to develop the disguise xR offering.


xR Workflow Specialist


disguise Studios or Workflow Specialists that have the expertise to deliver the end-to-end process with the disguise software toolkit, to deliver AR or to unlock MR workflows.


xR Production Rental


Equipment & service providers whose main business is technology production rental and services for Live Production. Their inventory will support all the equipment to deliver xR, from AR  to an MR environment.


xR Full Turnkey Solution Provider


disguise Certified Solution Providers are highly specialised companies that have been trained and certified to provide and install the full turnkey system integration of a fixed xR environment, and providing commissioning and Service Level Agreement support contracts.