Case Study
Tuesday 30/03/2021 |

Junior Eurovision 2020

In 2020, COVID-19 regulations meant that  Junior Eurovision, usually an event promoting unity and friendship across Europe, had to be produced with most of the contestants unable to attend in person.
The event, held in Warsaw, Poland, was initially delayed and then producers and TVP, Poland’s state broadcaster, were able to bring the show to life using Disguise xR and AR technology to bridge the gap.

The Challenge

The main challenge was full integration with the studio cameras, signal processing hardware and camera switching in order to have the set extension, AR and xR perfectly aligned, and so that the TVP team would not have to change their existing workflows for the show.


The Solution

While this year fans couldn’t gather to watch the show, Disguise xR and AR technology enabled a truly immersive viewing experience for audiences at home. Virtual set extension turned the small studio space into a vast and animated environment in-camera. The crew was able to seamlessly use AR to bring all the contestants virtually into the studio, overcoming the enforced distance and creating a memorable group performance.


tuned in to the broadcast live


views on YouTube

Thanks to the Disguise spatial calibration features we could react quickly and accurately recalibrate the cameras when needed, which wouldn't have been time-effective and maybe not even possible using different solutions. We were able to manage it because of the superior calibration required, that only Disguise can provide.
Krzyzstof Grabowski

Technical Solutions Specialist at VxR Studio