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Lenovo Tech World 2020

The 6th edition of the Lenovo Tech World Conference showcased the organisations’ cutting-edge thinking and innovative practice, in an extended reality environment.

Broadcast live globally on the 28th and 29th of October, Lenovo Tech World 2020 brought together some of the industry’s top leaders, experts, scholars, influencers and media from all walks of life in a “futuristic city” virtual setting to discuss how technology removes barriers to opportunity, empowers intelligent transformation and innovates faster in the era of new infrastructure. The event explored topics like new demands and new development for the intelligent transformation of the industry, and drew the blueprint of the "new normal" that is shaping the future.

The virtual conference marked the very first time Lenovo has experienced the opportunities of xR technology. Throughout the live broadcast, the virtual production team at Ding Dong Studio applied mixed reality (MR) elements within the disguise workflow to create vast and dynamic virtual backdrops for each presentation topic. The disguise xR workflow allowed the producers to seamlessly integrate camera tracking systems and real-time content rendering from Unreal Engine to cover the real environment beyond the LED screen in real-time, and at the same time, turn on a virtual set extension around the speaker. 

Augmented reality (AR) workflows also enabled the team to bring to life various key points highlighted within the talks. enabling presenters to deliver more compelling content and immerse viewers into the futuristic setting. “xR enabled us to expand the scope and scale of wide shots far beyond the physical limitations of the set,” xR technical directors Tan Lei and Yang Jian explained.

The newly launched disguise render engine hosting platform, the rx machine was deployed to run uncompressed real-time content rendering smoothly and at scale. The disguise vx 4 was then used to power the high-quality video output onto the LED canvases, allowing speakers to see and interact with the virtual scenes they were absorbed in - from photorealistic city skylines and conference rooms to various abstract settings.

“The disguise xR workflow allowed us to turn the Lenovo Tech World 2020 into an "intelligent" and high-tech live stream. The whole process was smooth and with low latency, which not only made the audience experience the creativity and intelligent elements of Lenovo technology in real-time, but also gave them a unique visual experience.”
Tan Lei and Yang Jian, xR technical directors


vx 4
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Other equipment

Unreal Engine


Director team:

Rocket Media

Project planning:




xR virtual production:

Dingdong Studio

Project Managers:

Zhang Zening, Jiang Tao

Virtual production operator:

Zhou Liwei

Lighting control:

Wang Guorui

Lighting system:

Yan Xin

Audio control:

Fan Jiaming

Sound system:

Xin Lei

Video control:

Zhao Lei

Video system:

Liu Xu

xR technical directors:

Tan Lei, Yang Jian

AR technical team:

hanabitheo a.k.a GOAHEAD LAB

Camera crew:

Lu Gang

disguise China technical support:

Cheng Tian Fang, Zhang Yue


YOUNGS Experience Marketing Agency

Project Vendor:

Beijing Yuling Brothers Stage Design Equipment Installation Engineering Co. LTD

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