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Once you've attended a disguise Fundamental Training, go one step further by attending Advanced Training.

A solution for each pathway


Advanced training

Creative sequencing 

Sequence a production with the Timeline. Sequence media to the beat, generate HTML content and composite effects in realtime.

System Integration 

Integrate disguise into a production environment. Configure networks, capture live video inputs and send / receive timecode, MIDI, DMX, OSC.


Learn the fundamentals of the OmniCal workflow, including preparing camera studies, configuring mobile cameras, plans, performing captures and how to calibrate your projectors.

Pre-Production Workflows

Everything you need to know about the disguise pre-production workflows. Optimise 3D models, UV mapping techniques, preparing LED screens and projection surfaces, convert CADs to meshes, and create content templates.

BlackTrax Integration

Control automation systems in disguise. Integrate BlackTrax, project onto moving objects, and learn about other automation systems.

Customised training

We offer customised training either in one of our training facilities or on site to suit any need. We also have a network of certified trainers to teach the disguise production toolkit in your local language and region.

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