vx 2

The vx 2 is our pro range's new scalable powerhouse. Built on the industry-leading vx 4 chassis, the vx 2 gives you the freedom to build out your technical capacity depending on your production.

vx 2

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More power
More flexibility

Our new vx 2 machine compliments the vx 4 and addresses your scale-up needs.

With two VFC slots and 12G capture capabilities, the vx 2 goes toe-to-toe with the vx 4 in terms of capabilities but with fewer inputs and outputs.

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Lossless video @ 60fps



Fast media transfer

Futureproofing existing workflows

Enjoy more creative freedom by scaling up your real-time content. With an all-new 12G capable capture card, the vx 2 can capture two 4K inputs via Quad 4K or single 12G SDI inputs.

Built to last

Building on the strength of the vx4, the vx 2 is robust in design. Incorporating improved cross-bracing and isolated core components it also features a hi-res OLED front panel giving users detailed system information.

Product Page Overview Vx2 Disguise
Vx4 SMC R19 Heroimage Disguisepng

Easy identification

Set up your vx servers with the System Management Controller (SMC). Access the web portal to see chassis, system and networking stats on a single pane of glass. Colour LED and blink modes help identify servers easily.

Control your system

Easily identify servers and system details on the physical machine by setting up the display information on the front OLED. 

Vx4 Frontpanel R19 Heroimage Disguise
Renderstream Main HW SW IS

Powered by RenderStream

The vx range is a powerful content playback and compositing servers. At the core of the disguise ecosystem, the vx media servers receive content with tracking data via RenderStream and output scenes onto the stage with pixel perfection.

Cluster Rendering

Deliver high fidelity graphics safely by distributing rendering power across multiple render nodes.

Seamless synchronisation

Synchronise your physical stage with your virtual set via hardware, software, content engine and camera tracking

Unreal workflows

Immediately impact your productivity with dynamic control of the engine and automatic workflows on Unreal Engine, Notch and others.

Enquire about the vx 2 

Complete the form to learn more about the possibilities of the vx 2. By completing the form you will receive our latest software and hardware developments, insights and case studies on how our community are using this new technology to advance their production workflow. 

Video playback

Optimised for playing up to two times uncompressed 4K60 using its high-performance NVMe drive; as well as the capability of playing lossless 10-bit video. 

Capture capability

The vx 2 can capture either 8xHD (3G-SDI) sources or two 12G.

Faster networking

Even more network bandwidth with dual 25GbE and dual 10GbE ports; enabling faster media file transfer and higher resolution networked live video capture.

Faster storage

The vx 2 comes with high-performance NVMe 3.84TB* as standard.

* Storage upgrades available

VFC Technology

The vx 2 ships with two HDMI 2.0 VFC output cards by default.

Technical specifications

System Connectivity - I/O Video Output 1x Displayport 1.2 (GUI)
2x VFC Output Slots
Ships standard with HDMI 2.0 VFC cards (4096 x 2160 max)
Different Video Format Conversion Cards also available, refer to VFC specifications
Video Input 2x 12G-SDI
8x 3G-SDI or 2x 2160p60 (Quad Split)
(HD-BNC connectors)
Video Sync 1x BNC Genlock
Media File Specifications Video Playback .mov (anim, DXV, Hap, Hap Q, Hap Alpha, NotchLC)
Still image formats .png, .jpeg, .bmp, .tiff, .tga, .dpx
Audio file formats .mp3, .wav (44.1kHz, 16-bit, stereo)
3d mesh format .obj
Audio RME Professional
Analogue Audio 2x Balanced XLR Input
2x Balanced XLR Output
1x 1/4" Headphones Jack
Digital Audio ADAT/SPDIF I/O
MIDI 1x In
1x Out
Physical Specifications Mounting system 4U 19" rack mount
Unit dimensions W: 435mm (17.126'')
H: 178mm (7'')
D: 593mm (23.35'’)
Unit weight 16.5kg
Unit + Rack Handles 621mm (24.45'')
Environmental Tolerances Temperature: 5-35°C (40°-95°F)
Humidity: 20%-80% (non-condensing)
Altitude: 0-8850 ft (0-2700m)
Hardware Specifications CPU Intel® Xeon® 2.5Ghz
Memory 48GB DDR4 RAM
Storage 2x 128GB SSD
(Internal System Drives)
1x 3.84TB Removable NVMe SSD (default)
General Network 1x 1Gb/sec Ethernet
2x 10Gb/sec Ethernet
High Speed Network 2x 25Gb/sec Ethernet
System Management Controller 1x Management Port (Reserved for future use)
Data/Peripherals 5x USB 3.0
Voltage 115-240V, 50-60Hz

For countries with variable power supply, we recommend a UPS to provide a consistent voltage
Power Consumption 374 W adjusted
Software Features Operating System Windows 10 Enterprise SAC
disguise Proprietary Full production suite
Bundled Accessories Bundled Accessories Keyboard
Mouse + Mouse Mat
Power Cable (Plug-True1)
Hardware Guide
Backmounted Rails
Getting Started Guide
Support, Updates and Warranties License subscription package includes – Free software upgrades for the life of the machine
– 2 year return to base hardware warranty

Power at scale

We regularly test our media servers to ensure that they perform to the highest standards.
Below is playback performance data for the vx 2.



The following table shows how many layers can simultaneously be played back per codec

vx 2

Video codec

Content data rate 

Max layers @ 60


29.54 MB/s



58.43 MB/s


HD Animation

178.63 MB/s


HD NotchLC

74.74 MB/s



125.93 MB/s



249.23 MB/s


DCI 4k Animation

761.27 MB/s


DCI 4k NotchLC

316.34 MB/s


DCI 4k DPX Sequence (8-bit, RGB)

759 MB/s


DCI 4k DPX Sequence (8-bit, RGB) at 60fps

1518 MB/s




  • All content is 30 fps
  • Readings are taken from an actor machine
  • VFC-compatible machines run with pass-through style cards (HDMI or DP)
  • 60Hz project
  • Genlock/framelock applied when supported
  • One unique video file per layer, all mapped onto one screen
  • All videos used are the same video of the specified data rate
  • One more layer means the actor starts to drop frames
  • Measured on r17.5 74443


vx 2 specification sheet
vx 2 specification sheet Download – 403 KB
VFC specification sheet
VFC specification sheet 2023 Download – 334KB
vx 2 architectural specification
vx 2 architectural specification Download – 56 KB

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