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VX 2+

Power Next-Gen Content

Harness the power and speed needed to run the highest standards of production with two 4K video outputs.
Disguise VX 2+

Fit for medium-sized studios and productions


Why choose the VX 2+

Future-proof productions

Optimised for both pre-rendered and real-time video playback, the VX 2+ seamlessly meets the highest video performance expectations to future-proof your productions.

More performance per output

Push higher-resolution real-time content at higher bit depth and better colour fidelity than previously possible with just two 4K outputs.

Superior xR compositing

The VX 2+ unlocks superior 4K xR graphics compositing, with 40% over scan when used alongside multiple real-time render nodes and a 4K camera.


The power of the VX 2+

VX 2+

product vx 2+ annotated panel

System Connectivity I/O

Video input

2x 12G inputs or 8x 3G inputs (HD-BNC connectors)


Video output

2x 4K outputs (with integrated EDID management)


Audio I/O

Balanced XLR (circular 3-pin connector) - 2x in, 2x out

Analogue (1/4 headphone jack)


General network

1x 1GbE/sec

2x 10GbE/sec


High-speed network

2x 100GbE/sec port (QSFP28)


Hardware specs


Intel Xeon 3.1Ghz






100-240V, 50-60Hz

for countries with variable power supply we recommend a UPS to provide a consistent voltage


Power consumption peak



Mounting system

4U 19" rack mount



1x 3.84TB Removable NVMe SSD (upgrades available)



96GB RAM (6x 16GB)


Operating system

Windows 11 IoT Enterprise GAC


Disguise VX 2+
Disguise VX 2+ Rear Panel Annotated

World class service

When you add a VX 2+ to your hardware fleet, you can benefit from our unbeatable support packages with global service centres and round-the-clock care, ensuring your production will run without a hitch.

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