Disguise RX III

Complex Real-Time Rendering Made Easy

The most robust, reliable and scalable real-time rendering solution, the RX III is designed to support the most demanding scenes with ease.

A tried and tested solution


Why choose the RX III

High-Performance Rendering

Packed with later-generation GPU and motherboard and increased networking capabilities, the RX III can handle double the rendering workload of its RX II predecessor, so you can render heavier and more complex real-time scenes.

Seamless Synchronisation

RX III unlocks access to our RenderStream™ protocol, which seamlessly creates an efficient rendering pipeline from your content engine of choice. RenderStream™ also allows you to synchronise multiple RX nodes in a cluster, efficiently distributing rendering power across each node while preserving video output with high image fidelity.



Content Flexibility

RenderStream™ is content engine agnostic, allowing you to work with your content engine of choice, including Unreal Engine, Notch, TouchDesigner and Unity, as well as generative AI platforms like Volinga and Cuebric, or even combine multiple engines in one project for the ultimate content flexibility. 


The power of the RX III

Disguise RX III front panel annotated

System connectivity I/O

Video input

RenderStream input only


Video output

1x DisplayPort 1.4 (GUI) 

RenderStream output only


General network

2x 10GbE/sec

High-speed network

2x 100GbE/sec port (QSFP28)


Hardware Specs


AMD EPYC 16C/32T 2.45Ghz



Nvidia RTX 6000 Ada



100-240V, 50-60Hz

for countries with variable power supply we recommend a UPS to provide a consistent voltage


Power consumption peak



Mounting system

2U 19" rack mount



1.92TB Removable NVMe SSD (default)



96GB RAM (6x 16GB)


Operating system

Windows 11 Enterprise GAC




Disguise RX III front panel
Disguise RX III rear panel drawing

With You All the Way

When you add a RX III to your hardware fleet, you can rely on our unbeatable support packages with global service centres and 24/7 care to ensure your production will always run without a hitch.

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