rx II

With rx II, you have the power to create photorealistic, high quality real-time graphics, displayed directly on your screens and virtual sets.

rx II

Fastest graphics processing

Create photorealistic backgrounds and assets in real-time, and leave it to the rx II to deliver your graphics to the screen with minimal latency.

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Create a better story

Engage your audience with content at the highest quality. Don't let your imagination be limited - get creative with generative content, augmented reality and pixel perfect graphics.

Reliable fast performance

The rx II is built to resist the toughest environments with a robust chassis and a powerful engine that reliably integrates with your ecosystem.

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Engine agnostic

The rx II seamlessly connects to Unreal Engine and other engines with RenderStream, allowing for a smooth, real-time workflow.

Scale with cluster rendering

Create dynamic content and make iterations in real-time. Scale your production easily by adding more rendering nodes as your project grows in size and know that rendering is now a matter of minutes.

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Rx Productpage Renderstream Disguise

Powered by RenderStream

RenderStream is the perfect infrastructure to enable the rx II by connecting it to disguise servers, camera tracking and real-time content engines such as Unreal. The first year of your RenderStream license is included when you order your rx II. 

Complete workflow control

Manage the content and parameters of your rendering engine directly from the disguise timeline on your core system.

Seamless synchronisation

Sync up your disguise hardware and camera tracking systems over RenderStream - no third-party protocols needed.

Lowest latency

RenderStream time stamps frames between systems so it's clear what needs to be rendered, keeping latency lower than other comparable video input systems.

Now available for pre-order 

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Faster graphics processing

40% more graphics processing power than the rx, the rx II is powered by the latest Nvidia A6000 GPU.

Double RAM

Create larger and better quality environments with the powerful RAM.

Cluster Rendering

The rx range is a simple turnkey solution for cluster rendering, speeding up your workflow.


The purpose-built RenderStream protocol enables the rx render engine and vx1 and vx2 media servers to work in unison to create high-fidelity, low-latency xR workflows. The first year RenderStream license is included with your rx II.

Technical specifications

System Connectivity - I/O Video Output 1x Displayport 1.4 (GUI)
General Network 2x 1Gb/sec Ethernet
2x 10Gb/sec Ethernet
High Speed Network 2x 25Gb/sec Ethernet
Data/Peripherals 4x USB 3.0
Hardware Specifications Voltage 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 2000W (CRPS)
Operating System Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise SAC
CPU Intel® Xeon® Silver 3.2Ghz
Memory 96GB DDR4 RAM
Environmental Tolerances Temperature: 5-30°C (40°-86°F)
Humidity: 20%-80% (non-condensing)
Altitude: 0-8850 ft (0-2700m)
Mounting System 2U 19” rack mount
Media Storage 1x 1.8TB NVMe SSD
Secondary Expandable Storage Up to 8x 2.5" SATA/SAS HDD
Physical Specifications Unit dimensions W: 438.5mm (17.26'')
H: 88.5mm (3.42')
D: 788.8mm (29.92'’)
Unit weight 32kg
Unit + Rack Handles 483.5mm (19.03'')
Bundled Accessories Bundled Accessories Slide Rail Kit
Rack Handles
Hardware Guide & IEC Power Cables:
- 2x USA
- 2x EU
- 2x UK
Support, Updates and Warranties License subscription package includes – Free software upgrades for the life of the machine
– 2 year return to base hardware warranty
– 12 month renderstream licence included
rx II specification sheet
rx II specification sheet Download – 253Kb

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