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MGM Cotai Casino - Spectacle

MGM Cotai Casino - Spectacle

disguise supports bringing MGM Cotai Casino and Resorts’ ‘Spectacle’ to life.

The MGM Cotai Casino and Resort in Macau, China opened ‘Spectacle’ in June 2018, housed in the atrium of the integrated casino, hotel and entertainment complex. Electrosonic, Smart Monkeys and disguise partnered to provide the expertise and technology to bring the innovative, multi-dimensional sensory experience to life. Electrosonic handled ‘Spectacle’s’ complex integration and project management, and Smart Moneys designed and programmed a fully IT-integrated system featuring its ISAAC control system.

‘Spectacle’ comprises 25 LED screens of different shapes and levels, which form a horizontal wall under a diagonal grid structure as long as a football field. With a surface area spanning more than 800 square meters, this immense visual canvas displays the work of some of the world’s foremost artists showcasing the beauty of China and the natural wonders of Asia.

The 4K video playback and seamless content delivery to all screens called for complex pixel mapping. At the heart of the disguise system are eight 4x4pro media servers, which offered the best solution for ‘Spectacle’s’ enormous video canvas. By providing 16 3G-SDI outputs per unit, disguise significantly reduced the number of media servers required for the pixel mapping; the 4x4pros also send Art-Net to the atrium ceiling and lighting, which display a twinkling starscape and other effects.

“The sheer size of the overall video canvas and the multiple screen arrays and locations called for complex pixel mapping to use the ‘heads’ on our systems efficiently and squeeze out every pixel,” says Hans Beijer, VP Sales Americas for disguise.

“We also custom coded a multi-track application at the client’s request, which has now found its way into the current disguise software release,” he adds.

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