Captivating audiences

disguise enables tournament organisers and technical planners to deliver more interactive, dynamic and engaging esports experiences.

Whether in the arena or at home, viewers can feel like they’re part of the action, as disguise helps expand the overall stage presence, intensifying the gameplay experience by responding to live data. disguise also provides tools for augmenting the studio space for live broadcast.

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Respond to gameplay

The disguise platform provides an end-to-end workflow for esports event creation and activation. By combining real-time 3D visualisation-based software with high-performance hardware, the entire video and lighting system can respond to gameplay and integrate seamlessly with other production systems.

Web integration

disguise enables the use of web-based content as a layer within the timeline, making integration with existing platforms fast and easy.

Automation & tracking

disguise sits at the heart of the stage, reading automation and tracking data, dynamically adjusting the visuals.

External triggers

Trigger any clip, on any screen, at any time - from the game. Use external data sources such as OSC to trigger disguise.

Full 3D pre-visualisation

Visualise and work out shots in advance, increasing coordination to reduce duplication.

Real-time graphics

Generate graphics on the fly using real-time content engines that respond to gameplay updates, and animate.

Studio lighting systems

Integrate the entire visual space and lighting, from one central location, and pixel map the DMX lighting fixtures.

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The right tools to do the job


Want to learn more?

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