Telling compelling stories in theatre

disguise enables video designers and production engineers to push the boundaries of theatre, using video to add a meaningful extra dimension to the narrative of the show.

With the help of the disguise solution, teams can turn their vision into a technical reality. Using real-time editing tools, they can fine-tune the production to the wire to make every second count before curtains up.

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Bring ideas to life on stage

The disguise platform provides an end-to-end workflow for theatre productions. Combining real-time 3D visualisation-based software with high-performance hardware, disguise enables teams to save time and effort by adapting control of its systems to fit their own process and bring their ideas to life on stage.

Real-time 3D pre-visualisation

Visualise, design and sequence your project before stepping into the theatre to align your team, and deliver the show on time.

Pioneering projection

Accurately project high-quality video content onto surfaces of any shape or size without compromise.


Integrate seamlessly with industry-leading tools to cue automation, lighting, audio, scenery and tracking systems ahead of time.

Flexible output

Output any video signal without changing the system. Mix signal formats and resolution types with near-zero latency.

Cross-team collaboration

Ensure both creative and technical teams are working towards the same goal using a single, flexible and integrated platform.

More than technology

Benefit from world-class support and training. Access an active community to unlock the full potential of the disguise solution.

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The right tools to do the job


Want to learn more?

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