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Bryson Tiller’s “Trapsoul World Series” immersive livestream

Bryson Tiller’s “Trapsoul World Series” immersive livestream

Singer/songwriter Bryson Tiller’s “Trapsoul World Series,” an immersive, otherworldly live-streamed concert experience, accentuated the artist’s unique musical vibe for fans around the world watching at home. In this case study you will learn how Xite Labs utilised the disguise xR workflow powered by a gx 2c media server and rx real-time rendering platform, to bring to life a myriad of virtual worlds in Unreal Engine and Notch that immersed Tiller’s performance in 3D graphics.

60 hours

recording additional cinematic outputs post-filming

1 week

of DMX timecode lighting programming

400+ hours

x9 Unreal Engine artists across 10 weeks

200+ hours

x2 Notch artists


The challenge

Los Angeles-based Xite Labs were tasked with one of their longest and most complex real-time projects for singer/songwriter Bryson Tiller's “Trapsoul World Series” immersive livestream. The livestream aimed to present Tiller in a series of six different worlds linked by a narrative flowing through the songs. Xite Labs were tasked with providing stunning xR content for 14 different songs performed in four virtual ‘worlds’ - each with distinct appearances and themes.



The solution

The virtual worlds included a virtual lounge that fell away to reveal a fractal world of galaxies, nebulas and spaceships, a time theme with a mountain desert landscape and a flight through a moonlit sky, guerrilla warfare transforming into a neon jungle as well as stark hallways with bold, flat lighting, colour-changing walls and silhouettes. Throughout, Tiller appeared to perform on a moving platform, which served as the anchor point transporting him from one otherworldly environment to another.

Xite used its proven in-house workflow featuring a disguise gx 2c as the primary xR controller, while running scenes in Unreal Engine on disguise rx via RenderStream. Front-plate elements were created in Notch to further link Tiller into each of the unique worlds.

I have not seen anything done in xR that was quite as diverse and complicated as this. And the fact that it was shot on our smaller volume in such a short timeframe still blows my mind!
Greg Russell, Creative Director at Xite Labs



Creative Direction:

The 92 Group

Show & Content Creative Director:

Mike Carson

Production House:


Executive Producers:

Ryan Hahn, Neil Dominique, Bryson Tiller

Director of Photography:

Russ Fraser

Post Producer:

Vince Tran

Creative / xR Directors:

Vello Virkhaus, Greg Russell

Technical Directors:

Jeremy Vannix, Simon Anaya

Production Partners:

Evolve Media Group, Lightswitch, Robe

Media Server Operator:

Simon Anaya

Unreal CG Artists:

Diego Castro, Brian Egam, Kevin Aguirre, Ofer Zmora, Rodel Aragon, Brandon Rosado, Darrion Grannieri, Jussi Tolvanen, Rayworks


Anders Rahm

Notch Artists:

Travis Poe, Simon Anaya

Unreal Technical Support:

Jussi Tolvanen

DIT / Technical Assistant / Photographer:

Billy Woods

Camera/Jib Operator:

Pierce Cook

Sequence Technician:

Bobbie Bunn

Bryson Tiller’s “Trapsoul World Series” immersive livestream