Fixed Install

Creating stunning visual experiences

disguise enables designers, consultants and system integrators to visually enhance environments and create spectacular experiences.

Powering high-quality playback as well as interactive and generative content, disguise unlocks limitless visual creativity through technical integrations, providing a rock-solid solution for installations around the world.

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fixed install

At the heart of fixed installations

The disguise platform provides a full 3D workflow for complex video mapping, allowing everyone on your project to view, comment and engage in the project from concept through to commissioning. disguise also integrates alongside matrixes, tracking systems and real-time content.

Real-time 3D pre-visualisation

Visualise projects from pitch to commissioning in one platform, to get your entire team aligned and on board.

High-quality playback

Playback uncompressed video content as well as end-to-end 10-bit or HDR content, delivering the highest standards of video quality.


Integrate disguise seamlessly with third-party products and protocols, unlocking limitless visual creativity.

Flexible output

Output any video signal, without changing the system. Mix signal formats and resolution types with near-zero latency.

Rock-solid reliability

Proven hardware that also supports auto-failover provides a complete fixed install solution you can rely on.

With you all the way

Access our world-class technical support, with optional enhanced SLAs, to ensure every project gets delivered on schedule.

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The right tools to do the job


Want to learn more?

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