Friday 08/09/2023 |

Disguise and Snapchat create an AR experience for Los Angeles Rams fans

AR experience Snapchat

Our RenderStream™ technology was used to power a new augmented reality experience during Los Angeles Rams games at SoFi Stadium. The experience — which will be part of all Rams home games this football season — was created in partnership with Snapchat for Princess Cruises, and involves creative and integration services from Meptik.

Featuring the largest graphics control system in the history of sporting events, the experience allows audience members to see the SoFi Stadium field virtually transform into the Pacific Ocean during a media break during the game. Three Rams players then race on surfboards, navigating a dynamic course with jetskis, sailboats, dolphins, and a whale, leading to a gripping showdown where a sole victor emerges, riding a monumental wave atop the majestic Princess Line Cruise ship. The one-minute 3D race was created in Snap’s Lens Studio by the Meptik virtual art department and plays on SoFi Stadium’s Infinity Screen — a dual-sided, centre-hung videoboard and the first and only 4K end-to-end video board in sports.

This activation brings to life the partnership between Snapchat and Disguise which was first announced in April 2023. Through Disguise’s RenderStream™ integration, Snap AR’s visuals are rendered with pixel-perfect accuracy on expansive surfaces and without additional hardware beyond what is traditionally required. Disguise RenderStream™, is a bi-directional protocol transporting rendering information between third-party render engines and Disguise. It allows for greater synchronicity of content and tracking data across the production workflow as well as the seamless merging of the physical and virtual world. It has been used by premier virtual production studios like MELS and La Planete Rouge and groundbreaking live and virtual shows such as Camila Cabello’s album launch on TikTok and the live-streamed Karate Combat 35 event

SoFi Stadium Snapchat

Meptik, Disguise’s creative and technical division, oversaw the AR content creation in Lens Studio and technical integration services for the project. From building a 3D replica of a Princess Cruises ship to creating and animating the virtual characters of the LA Rams players, Meptik’s virtual art department brought the project to life, delivering a captivating audience experience. Through the integration with Disguise RenderStream™, Meptik’s technical team was able to integrate the AR content with the in-stadium cameras as well as the 70,000 square-foot Infinity Screen in the stadium, enabling an encompassing in-venue visual experience. The experience ran on Disguise gx 3 and rx II servers provided by Fuse Technical Group, who also assisted the team with setup and testing.

“We are thrilled to provide a truly unique marketing activation enhanced by AR for the LA Rams to engage their fans. With this new technology, we are continuing our mission to make experiences more real-time, more immersive, and more personalised than ever before. We can’t wait to see where we take life-sized AR experiences with Snapchat next! Live concerts, retail and location-based experiences are the start of many opportunities which await us,” says Disguise’s Chief Experience Officer, Alex Wills.

“We’re excited to be at the forefront of creating augmented reality visuals in Snapchat’s Lens Studio, integrated with cutting-edge technology from Disguise. This AR activation crafted a unique connection between the LA Rams and their fans while putting the client, Princess Cruises, in the spotlight. We believe this is just the beginning of unveiling the immense potential of AR experiences with Snapchat to create immersive, unforgettable moments that place fans and customers at the centre of their narrative,” says Joshua Eason, Director of Creative Services at Meptik.

"AR offers highly impactful, immersive ways to enhance real-life experiences, and we're thrilled to partner with Disguise and showcase just that in our first-ever activation together. By leveraging Disguise's technology, Meptik's creative and integration services, and Snap AR, we're able to expand our capabilities to bring to life the wonders of Princess Cruises and offer truly innovative experiences to fans at all Rams home games this season," says Konstantinos Papamiltiadis (KP), VP of Platform Partnerships at Snap Inc.

“Gamedays at The Rams House are filled with can’t miss moments, on the field, in the stands, and on our screens,” said Sarah Schuler, Los Angeles Rams VP of Game Presentation and Experiential Marketing.  “Leveraging the incredible canvas that is SoFi Stadium, we look to push innovation with brands and best-in-class technology partners. We are grateful to Snapchat, Disguise and Meptik for their work in bringing to life this one-of-a-kind branded experience for our partner, Princess Cruises, and look forward to seeing this surprise and delight fans all season long.”

The next experience is set to go live on October 8th when the LA Rams will host the Philadelphia Eagles, allowing fans to access this in-stadium branded experience.


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